Imagine being strong and reaching your goals, rowing focused Physical Therapy and Coaching is the key!

The Process

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Speak with our Physical Therapist, we will listen to your goals and develop an evaluation plan to address your needs.

Evaluation Day

Meet with our Physical Therapist for an hour-long comprehensive evaluation at Xcelerated Athletics a full service gym off of Lake Ave in Rochester, N.Y.

Evaluation Day

Your Treatment Plan

Based on your evaluation data your Physical Therapist will create your individualized treatment plan to achieve your goals.

You Decide

Do you continue on your current path whether it's discomfort or coming up short on your rowing goals? Do you see another provider who says, "Oh you row... you must have strong arms?" Or do you get evaluated by a professional who knows rowing. A professional who can give you the exercises you need to row at your best and determine the rigging adjustments to keep it that way.

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