Physical Therapy and Coaching
Step 1- Discovery Call

On your discovery call with Dr. Reidy, PT. You will discuss your current needs, whether you have physical therapy treatment goals or rowing-based goals. Dr. Reidy, PT will ask your rowing and medical history. You will then schedule a time with Dr. Reidy, PT for an evaluation.

Step 2 -Evaluation

Evaluation day will be a one hour, one on one session with Dr. Reidy, PT. You will wear comfortable clothes you can erg and move in. Dr. Reidy, PT will look at your range of motion, strength, rowing technique, and force curve then discuss with you your treatment plan.

Step 3- Treatment

The Process:

Reset- get out of the pain, weakness and injury cycle

Restore-build neuromuscular control and improve technique

Reload-build strength and achieve goals